FAQ – The Event

The Event

Who can ride?

Anyone can physically handle the course! Ride for Hope is a fundraising event designed to accommodate people of all ages and cycling abilities. It matters not if you ride 10 miles or 100 miles, whether you pedal slowly or ride like the wind. The Ride for Hope event places an emphasis on the fundraising efforts of the rider. Each rider determines which participation level they will individually participate in and this defines the amount of funds they intend to raise for the Ride for Hope, once the minimum has been raised it is up to the rider to set his or her own personal goal of how far to ride.

Why we ride?

We ride because we can and to help inspire those who cannot. We ride to raise money to impact cancer caring centers and treatment programmes in The Bahamas.

Where we ride?

For our 10th anniversary¬†in 2017 we returned to Eleuthera. Eleuthera is where the Ride for Hope began in 2006, and the charm and beauty of the island is an integral part of the spirit of the event. The hills in Eleuthera provide a more diverse course as well. The roads are much quieter and have much less traffic, which makes for a safer and more enjoyable course for all riders. The 2019 Ride for Hope will take place at Cocodimama Charming Resort in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.

How far we ride?

The distance you ride is entirely your choice. Every participant has a highly personalized journey. You are not in a race. You are under no pressure to finish quickly (only within a reasonable and safe time limit).

What to expect?

Along the route you may find yourself surrounded by other cyclists, cheered on by locals, or riding in the solitude of your own thoughts. Course marshals and local police travel the route constantly throughout the day to watch over you and ensure safety. Mobile bike mechanics are always just a short distance away should you require any assistance. Throughout the course Ride for Hope Support personnel will be present along with medical staff should a need arise.

Can I see a complete schedule of the event?

Please click here to see the Schedule of Events.

What time does the Ride for Hope start?

The Ride for Hope ride begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. To ensure a quality experience for everyone, events are started on time. Please plan accordingly