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Located in the heart of New Providence, in close proximity to the nation’s medical hub, the Cancer Caring Center provides a home-like environment with professional care to cancer patients from the Family Islands who have come to New Providence for their treatment. The extraordinary facility, available to ordinary citizens, is described as “a place where pain management is understood and medical attention provided in a setting of beauty, tranquility and personal freedom, a place where family members can visit and linger.” Sadly in high demand, the Center usually maintains a waiting list. It is a special place, worth visiting, and certainly worth supporting! A gift from the Ride for Hope to the Cancer Society of The Bahamas was used to pay off the Cancer Society’s mortgage incurred during the construction of the highly-praised Cancer Caring Center. Debt relief enabled the Cancer Society to re-focus on its own highly worthwhile outreach programmes.


Ride for Hope Bahamas provided substantial start up support to the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative (BBCI) – which researched the mutations of the BRCA1 gene unique to The Bahamas. RFH’s grant to BBCI and  its partners at the University of Miami Cancer Center have helped fund this critical scientific work. Hopefully this research will be the first step in overcoming the terrible legacy of aggressive and deadly breast cancer, a leading cause of death in Bahamian women.


The Ride for Hope contributed $130,000 to complete the purchase of a new digital mammography machine at Princess Margaret Hospital. This state of the art piece of equipment enables more and more people to receive early screening and better imaging to aid detection and diagnosis. National Education Outreach In 2011 Ride for Hope Bahamas made a two year commitment to fund a new


In 2011 Ride for Hope Bahamas made a two year commitment to fund a new National Education Outreach Programme run by the Cancer Society. Health care professionals visited Family Islands to raise awareness of cancer risks and early detection opportunities and gave out information on how to prevent the disease. The programme was extended for two more years for a total of 4 years, ending in 2014.


Emory University students worked to develop a culturally appropriate educational outreach program informed by community-based participatory research. The goal was to improve women’s understanding and awareness of resources related to genetic testing, risk detection, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer in The Bahamas.