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Zero Hero Club

Our Treatment Assistance Fund makes cash available to Bahamians to offset the cost of their cancer medicines. For the past 6 years RFH has ear-marked $100,000 to this fund annually and are very proud of this record.

Increasingly routinely, Bahamians just diagnosed with cancer are presented with bills of $15,000 or $20,000 or $25,000. Because of the present limitation of the Treatment Assistance Fund these Bahamians in need receive $1,500 from the Fund. With remarkable humility, gratefulness, and graciousness they are thankful for the funds. But the gap between the funds RFH can allocate to them and their full need is huge. RFH wants to correct this!

To begin Ride for Hope’s highest 2019 goal is to “add a zero” to the Treatment Assistance Fund. To bring the fund to one million dollars and position it to be able to provide higher levels of assistance to Bahamians literally in the fight for their lives.

Ride for Hope is calling on its participants to lead the way at an extraordinary level and join our “Zero Hero Club.” Membership in this club requires participants to add a zero to our minimum fund raising level (of $500) and raise $5,000 in this year’s Ride | Run for Hope.